Wanting to get into residential development and don’t know where to start? 

Whether it’s your dream home, an investment property or a financial opportunity, Lancaster Development Group will take the stress out of the process. With a large network of trusted agents and suppliers we can provide end-to-end project management, starting from the initial scoping and planning stages right through to building and finalisation. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the building sector, combined with our passion for property development mean you can trust us to find your ideal property location and provide you with a quality development to suit your needs.

How We Work

We work very closely with our clients to determine their needs and preferences, including the budget, location and timeline.We appreciate that different clients may be starting at different phases of the property development journey and thus, we can provide some or all the following services in close consultation with our clients:

Real Estate

  • Location advice
  • Putting clients in touch with our large network of trusted agents
  • Shortlisting properties for clients
  • Sourcing the property directly for clients
  • Renting / selling the finished product
  • Feasibility analysis


  • Lending consultation
  • Putting clients in touch with our trusted brokers


  • Design and architecture
  • Liaising with councils and obtaining permits
  • Appointing a suitable building surveyor (if requested)


  • Demolition of the existing property
  • Compilation and co-ordination of documentation required to pertaining a building permit
  • Providing detailed specifications for builders to provide quotations
  • Managing the tender process and shortlisting the most suitable builder for the job
  • Managing the building process from start to finish


  • Landscaping
  • Interior design or staging
  • Sub-division (if relevant)

At Lancaster Development Group we understand that everyone’s needs and tastes are different and as such, we work closely with a wide range of reliable and trusted agents, brokers, designers, builders and landscapers who we can call on for your individual project. We service all parts of the greater Melbourne area.